MR: step 7 Wrapping up

Magnum 29The Magnum Reloaded, including floaters weighs 251 grams. I never flew with the floaters since the plane is not over powered, so put it mildly.





Magnum 28Floaters are connected with rubber bands.





Magnum 25I use al old credit card to balance the plane.




Magnum 27The prop is also connected with rubber band, specially made for it. So called prop savers.






Magnum 15My pilot is Scrats, the Saber-tooth squirrel from Ice age: a reliable pilot.

The plane in my configuration is under powered and flies very slow. I flew in a small sports hall with it. It can almost turn at the spot and is very forgiving. A nice beginners plane.

The is almost the maiden flight.





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