IP camera for 3d printer

Cam_real To check whether my 3d-prints are printing fine, I bought a cheap IP-Camera module from Banggood. I designed a housing for it in Fusion 360. I also bough a power module from e-bay to stabilize and control the power. I used an old adapter (9V, 500mA) to power everything.







Fusion IPcam1Starting with the purple module for the camera in Fusion 360. Here you see one side. In the small hole I glued with epoxy a bolt (M3 on both sides) so the camera can be adjusted in height. Fusion IPcam2



The purple module can pivot in the light blue housing. The big hole is your the small camera which is connected with a ribbon-cable to the electronics.





IPCam3d13d print ready for the camera module. (purple part)








IPCam3d2One side of the housing. (light blue part)







Banggood DANIU IP Wireless CameraThe camera module from Banggood: “DANIU Mini Wifi Module Camera CCTV IP Wireless Surveillance Camera for Android iOS PC”


Fusion IPcam4In the dark blue shaft I hot glued the electronics.






Fusion IPcam3The small knob fit over the nut to lock the height adjustment.







Fusion IPcam6The grey part is made with the loft function in Fusion 360 to convert the square form to a circle. The grew part can rotate over the brownish/ orange box and can be locked with small (M2) screws from the side. The box acts as the base with the power module screwed in.





PowerSupplyThe power module can be adjusted. I tried various voltages and used 4.5 Volts.



Cam_3DprinterHard to see but this picture is taken from behind the 3d printer. Follow the red arrow to fine the black IP camera.





TabletAppWith an Adroid device and Plug&Play app







Plug&Play Versie is the icon form the Google app store. I used version V8.17.09.27



PC BluestacAppWith BlueStacks it is possible to run Android app’s from your Windows 10 machine.




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