MR: Step 2 Create space in fuselage

Magmum Reloaded bouw (43)To accommodate the electronics I created the space above the wing in the fuselage. The battery is behind the motor, as far forward as possible. Cut away a much as possible with a knife. In difficult spots, I used a hot nail to burn away the epp. The nail has been bent in a 90 degree angle.




2014-01-29 21.38.30Start cutting where possible with a knife.






Magmum Reloaded bouw (55)The nail is heated by a candle. Choose a thick nail, so it will keep it’s heat.





Magmum Reloaded bouw (53)Create space for the wires of the Magmum Reloaded bouw (44)motor below the battery space.






The slot for the wire of the battery and the motor.





Magmum Reloaded bouw (42)


Overview after burning with the nail. The servo’s in the picture are there just to see if they fit.
























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