MR: step 1 Motor support

2014-01-26 16.30.44I started building the support for the motor Turnigy Park250, outrunner 1680kv, the wrong way. This was my first brushless motor. I had to cut the slot when the everything was glued. It is easier to cut the slot first.



Screws are put in from the backside, cut to length and fixed with epoxy. Use scrap wood to clamp square.

MR step 1 1






2014-01-25 11.18.31






2014-01-25 11.24.19






2014-01-25 11.24.11









Cut a slot in the fuselage with a knife. 2014-01-26 15.27.45








After I realized that I made a mistake with mounting the motor, I had to drill and cut a slot to create space for the motor shaft. Do not yet glue the support in place.

2014-01-26 16.30.44







Next step: Create space in the fuselage


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